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Topics for Doctor's Theses

Topics for Doctor's Theses are offered within Water Resources Engineering (the Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering) for the following subjects:

Completed Phd Theses:

Topic Phd StudentSupervisor
Vortex induced load distribution Irina KampelPrenner
Effects of Shell Grain Size Distribution and the Facing Element on Breach- Processing and Discharge Curve by Embankment Dam Failure due to Overtopping Burkhard RüdisserTschernutter/ Schleiss/ Kisliakov
Analysis of the Influence of Arbitrary Slope and Sediment Gradadation on the River Bed Morphology Desislava BalzhievaGutknecht/ Tschernutter
Air Entrainment in Free Falling Water Jets Freddy Alberto Florez OteroPrenner/ Boes
Interlink between the production process and the long term behaviour of asphaltic facings in hydraulic engineering Mathias SmesnikTschernutter/ Müller
Influence of reservoir shape and size on the flood wave caused by progressive overtopping dam failure Simon WallnerTschernutter/ Schleiss