Wasserbau und Umwelthydraulik

PhD Theses

Topics for Doctor's Theses are offered within Water Resources Engineering (the Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering) for the following subjects. Contact us for further information.


Completed Phd Theses:

Topic Phd StudentSupervisor
Vortex induced load distribution Irina KampelPrenner
Effects of Shell Grain Size Distribution and the Facing Element on Breach- Processing and Discharge Curve by Embankment Dam Failure due to Overtopping Burkhard RüdisserTschernutter/ Schleiss/ Kisliakov
Analysis of the Influence of Arbitrary Slope and Sediment Gradadation on the River Bed Morphology Desislava BalzhievaGutknecht/ Tschernutter
Air Entrainment in Free Falling Water Jets Freddy Alberto Florez OteroPrenner/ Boes
Interlink between the production process and the long term behaviour of asphaltic facings in hydraulic engineering Mathias SmesnikTschernutter/ Müller
Influence of reservoir shape and size on the flood wave caused by progressive overtopping dam failure Simon WallnerTschernutter/ Schleiss