Wasserbau und Umwelthydraulik

Research Strenghts

The different fundamental and applied research projects are theoretical as well as experimental carried out  often in association with diploma and PhD theses. The following research strengths were enhanced and new ones developed.  

The experimental research fields concentrate on problems which mainly occur with the construction (also refurbishment and upgrading) and the operation of hydro-power plants (high-, middle- and low-head). Questions concerning the field of river engineering and ecological hydraulic engineering are treated as well. The investigation of specific structures used for hydraulic purposes are also part of the Institute activities.  

Additional to these research activities in the Laboratory, numerical calculations (CFD-computation etc.) of hydraulic problems are performed. These calculations are often used to explore and develop techniques and assumptions and to implement them.  

Further research activity is focused on the construction of embankment dams, where the stability of the rip-rap during overtopping in context with breach formation is investigated. Combined with these processes the development of new construction solutions are emphasised.  

A general overview of different completed and ongoing research activities of the Institute is given under the menu item Research Projects.