Wasserbau und Umwelthydraulik

Service Offer

Services - Physical Models

The performance of hydraulic model tests within internal but primarily external financed (from private and public clients) research projects (fundamental and applied research as well) are counted adjacent to teaching to the main activities of the Institute. These projects concern mainly the following research fields:

  • River engineering (flood protection, sediment transport, navigation)
  • Ecological hydraulic engineering (restoration, bed stabilization, fish migration facilities)
  • Hydraulic Structures (weirs, power stations, dams, spillways, intakes, outlets, power conduits, gates, diversions, specific structures)
  • Duct systems (valves, manifolds, culverts etc.)
  • Cooling water systems (pumping stations) etc.
  • Embankment dams (slope protection - overtopping sections, dam-break flood analysis - breach formation, design - constructive solutions)