Forschungsbereich Wasserbau


The present Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management was established as part of the then Vienna Polytechnic in the year 1818. Professor Schaffernak setup a first Laboratory in the main building in 1926. Since 1995 the Institute has had a new Hydraulic Laboratory at the Aspanggründe, Adolf-Blamauer Gasse 3, A-1030 Vienna.

The Laboratory consists of a main testing hall, an attached testing hall with 2 tilting flumes, an office block and an open-air testing area with a canvas-protected zone. Both testing halls are connected with the workshop and storage rooms for materials for model production. Each location of the testing area can be independently supplied with water by means of stationary or flexible pipes (present installed pump capacity is 2500 l/s). Additionally to these laboratory facilities are a seminar room, several offices and auxiliary rooms in the attached block.

Hydraulic Laboratory, main entrance
Seminar room