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Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The Laboratory has presently the following test facilities with the necessary infrastructure  to fulfill the requirements in teaching, experimental research and commercial testing.


  • Testing halls with crane             1400 m²
  • Open-air testing area                2000 m²
  • 2 tilting flumes      each of length    17 m
  • Flexible flumes                              
  • Reservoir                                  1000 m³
  • Capacity of pumps                     2500 l/s
  • Mechanical workshop with crane   300 m²
  • Electronic laboratory                     80 m²
  • Offices and seminar room            300 m²



Main testing hall with test rigsAuxiliary hall with 2 tilting flumesOpen-air model



Sectional model in a tilting glass flume Groynes in a tilting flumeSteep tilting flume for rip-rap tests



Additional flumes can be installed quickly as required by means of a flexible module construction system.


For a specific project, a canvas protected zone of 8 x 30 m in the open-air area was built in 2006.


Open-air area Canvas protected testing area with a measurement cabin Full model in the canvassed area